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10 Underestimated Ways of Making Money Online

underestimated ways to make moneyMaking money online and earning your livings via your laptop is becoming one of the most popular earning methods. Statistics have shown that there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are cashing their talent by utilizing the online platform, which for sure is a good replacement of any other real world job.

It is interesting to find that when you question people about all the possible online earning strategies available, all you come across is either blogging or freelancing. There are no doubts about the significance of the two; yet, it is to be remembered now that with the spreading awareness among the potential entrepreneurs, the two stated fields are becoming saturated and complicated. If you look forward to build your blog, you need reasons; pretty good to attract your potential readers, as it is, there are more than a billion sites that are running on the same niche as yours. Similarly, now that freelancing is turning into a giant monster, every next person is known as a freelancer which in turn has created a tough competitive freelance market.

If you have tried your luck as a blogger or a freelancer and failed to attain effective results, all you need to do is to check out the huge list of alternates. Although there are trillions of ways to make money online, here are 10 underestimated ways to earn online.

1) Cash your Talent at Fiverr

No matter how magical your words are, no matter how dedicated you are towards your online business, your start-up earning a day is no more than $2-3 a day as an average. How about bidding your talent for $5 all in all? If the idea sounds decent enough, here comes at your rescue.

images (22)

Fiverr is a site that allows you to offer your services (whether be of any type) for $5. The members can sell their gigs to people and can buy the services for the same price too.

According to a research that I did few months back, there are all possibilities that a member can earn more than $200 a month through Fiverr. The site deducts $1 as the service charges and the seller gets his $4 through PayPal easily.

Therefore if you are an interesting person and have got a command on something special, creative and worth showing-off, register yourself for free at Fiverr, and enjoy some extra income as a start-up.

2) Use SEOclecks and make money

If you are looking for better SEO services other than Fiverr and searching for affordable SEO services with quality, then do not hesitate to check this out! SEOclerks is an amazing micro job website, you may find many micro job offering sites but what stands it different from others is that, here you can buy affordable SEO services provided by SEO professionals and could also sell your own services on your terms and price. Here people are offering mass amount of services ranging from Article Translating to Webhosting or you could offer selling anything you want!


Getting paid or ordering is as easy as logging into the account. Simple money transactions can be made via PayPal or Payza. In case you don�t have any of them, just provide your profile e-mail for payments to receive.

3) Turn your Photography into an e-business!

It was recently that I came across a catchy line on a social media and that was �You are not a photographer, you just have got a good Camera�! That�s so true. These days, thanks to digitalization, all of us have got the potential to turn into a photographer and make money by selling high definition pictures online. All it needs is a little homework and time to get a hold of the skill.

Digital DSLR Camera with money

There are many sites that exclusively works on the same principle where either few of them sell random pictures from you or place an order to get perfect clicks for them.

Few sites are:

1)Photo Merchant








Being a writer myself, I have an additional vote for If you think you are capable of playing with words and know how to put your thoughts down on paper, article writing is surely one of the decent ways to get recognition for your work and money equivalent altogether. Like many other sites like and ezinearticles, shares the revenue with its member on the basis of readership been generated by their articles.


There are, however, few guidelines which, in case of failure can reject your articles leading to the waste of good amount of time.

5) Make money by uploading Files

How about earning money for uploading files and getting some dollars according to the number of downloads your uploaded files make? The idea itself sounds great, isn�t it? There are people who do not have technical skills or even the power of writings so this one is surely one of the best remedies for them. There are many sites that offer reasonable packages to their members, here are a few:


Payment on uploading: 50/50 revenue generated


Payment on uploading: $25 per1000 downloads


Payment on uploading: $1-100 for every 1000 downloads


Payment on uploading: $1 per 500 downloads


Payment on uploading: $0.22 for every 1000 picture views

What you need to consider here is the choice you make to upload the file. Think about uploading a video of your backyard and a solution manual of a physics book. Ask yourself that will people be interested in downloading your file? If yes, then figure out that why would they do so. A right choice can bring you good dollars while a lame one can actually eat your time without giving back any favors to you.

6)Earn with your iPhone!

It would be difficult to cover all aspects that an online earning medium covers. You can even make money with your iPhone and make a better use of it in spite of using it for casual activities. There are companies that are associated with the development of iPhone applications and need people to test their applications and provide them reviews. These companies offer an online support and no matter wherever you are situated, you can avail this opportunity and make considerable amount of money.

money with iphone

Few sites are:

1) Swagbucks

Potential Earnings/Task: Approx $10

2) Gigwalk

Potential Earnings/Task: $5- $90

3). EasyShift

Potential Earnings/Task: $3- $20

Adding some extra dollars in your pocket is wise, especially when you enjoy using your iPhone.

7)Enjoy Profit with Forex Trading

Forex is a Currency market where currency trading takes place, facilitating the exchange of currencies (similar to the currency exchangers where you buy or sell the currencies). These days when the online transactions have become the basic necessity of every single business, no matter, big or small, Forex provides a good way to make money utilizing the opportunity that is open for all equally, if they know a little about Forex and Forex Trading Principles.


Once done with signup, step 1 is done, now you are required to add money to your Forex account that you have planned to start trading with. If you have a PayPal Account, well enough, if not, good news is, you can transfer your amount with wire transfer and many other online money transfer options.

This is important to mention here that although the profits are great in forex trading; even the loss is unbearable at times. It is better to invest your �Extra Money� here only.

8) Facebook fan pages

People take Facebook as a Social Networking site only, however, it can turn into a business with profits that are beyond your imaginations. Simple Question that might be clicking all of you is-how? Isn�t it? With Facebook Fan Pages, you can make as much as you want, if you are innovative enough to target a huge audience.

make money on facebook

Social media is enjoying huge audience and getting started with a controversial/worth-following/happening fan page is a good option. What actually happens is, according to the reach and reputation of your fanpage, there are advisors who approach you for advertising their products/services on your page. All in all, it�s a great way to make money.

9) Make money By Online translation!

When you have nothing to cash, you at least have a language to use. Online medium covers this talent as well. There are sites that need online translators to make their products and services available in all languages.

Few sites are:

1. TranslatorsTown

2. TranslatorsBase

3. TRADUguide

4. Proz

5. Trally

You can earn up to $200 a month depending on the package you chose for yourself.

10) Use

Triond is a different publishing platform, where anyone can sign up and start submitting content. You aren�t limited to just articles here; in fact, you can submit videos, images and what not. It is true that initially the site doesn�t brings huge rewards, but there is something to motivate the beginners.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to start your career online, you must judge you capabilities first and choose a right option for yourself. That brings us to the end of the topic for now, Share your views about the above stated ways and let us know your experiences related to them.



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